The Style and Flair of Model Paris Atkins

Paris Atkins ( is making a splash in the modeling world with her unique style and charismatic personality. The up and coming teen runway and editorial model recently did an impromptu photo shoot in the heart of New York City, Times Square, showcasing her fashion sense and modeling skills. For the shoot, Atkins wore furry brown boots that cause everyone who saw her in Times Square to stop and stare as well as light blue cut off jean shorts, a short brown jacket and sunglasses. She accessorized with a stunning silver necklace and black shades.

Atkins posed in various locations around Times Square, demonstrating her ability to create dramatic and eye-catching poses with her lean physique and expressive style. In one photo, she gazes over her sunglasses with a coy smile, hands on her hips.

Atkins’ personal style is a mix of high fashion and funky retro elements which she brings to life in the photo shoot. The furry brown boots are a bold fashion choice and add texture to her look. The cut off jean shorts paired perfectly with her look. The short brown jacket complements the rest of her outfit while allowing her silver statement necklace to shine through as an eye-catching accessory. Her style gives off a sense of casual confidence and carefree spirit.

The impromptu nature of the photo shoot in the bustling hub of Times Square adds an additional dynamic element. Atkins appears entirely at ease posing amid the chaos of crowds, billboards and traffic. She is able to tune out the distractions around her and focus on creating a compelling photo. Her ability to pose on demand and make the most of any location or situation will serve her well in her modeling career.

With this teen models natural charisma, striking features and versatile style, Paris Atkins is poised to become a force in the fashion world. Atkins has the "it factor" that allows models to transcend a pretty face and connect with audiences. She is not afraid to be bold in her fashion and modeling choices.

Overall, the impromptu photo shoot in Times Square provides a glimpse into the blossoming modeling talent of Paris Atkins. She is able to take a busy public setting and make it her own personal runway and photo studio. With her charismatic personality and eye-catching style, Paris Atkins will no doubt become more well known on the fashion scene and continue to build her social media following and modeling success. She is a model to watch as her career is set to take off. Don’t forget to follow her on Instagram at

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