Posted on April 22nd, 2021

The fashion industry holds a different meaning for everyone. For some, it can mean art, creativity, culture, and expression. For others fashion is a way of life. Being part of the fashion industry means investing heart, soul, and money.

Fashion is a pathway to create uniqueness, each designer can create apparel, handbags, jewelry, or anything that they can design. Unfortunately, the fashion industry is constantly putting designers under pressure to create new fashion lines to compete. Designers aren’t forced to follow trends; however, many do as they fear losing innovation. The trends are followed simplify by designing similar styles with different pattern without. Each designer always adds its personal style to the collection to avoid plagiarizing.

For someone like Stephanie Rens, a Belgium designer who has studied fashion design at the International University of Art and Design in Miami designing comes naturally. After graduating in 2008 with a Bachelor in Fashion Design, Ren’s worked for a Couture Active Wear Designer as one of their designers. Questioning fashion and its trend comes in naturally to her. Questioning the arts of design lead Ren into creating her brand.

When it comes to following the fashion trends Rens breaks those walls. The beauty behind Rens's work is the uniqueness that each one of her designs brings. Being a designer means more than just drawing on a piece of paper, for Rens being a designer means “empowering women with pieces that are flattering to the figure.” Beauty and fashion walk side by side with enough room between them for creativity.

The clothes that we wear today have become more than just a way to cover our nakedness, it is also a way in which people now express themselves. Human beings are complicated creatures, Everyone has a different desire, dream, and objective. It is interesting when we all agree that something like fashion designs can beautiful making fashion a critical aspect of that unique agreement.

Understanding the needs of the fashion industry plays an important role in maintaining a business. However, it is also important to understand the differences between what looks good and what feels good. Rens’s designs open door to many shapes and sizes.

Designers like Stephanie Rens who don’t follow trends give the fashion world an abstract color which allows us to look at fashion from many different points of view.

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